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Drawing 20110827

I started this drawing on Saturday. Again working with crayon and seeing what I can do with it. Find myself thinking about passages and movements of color across the surface. Pushing and pulling areas with warm and cool colors. Basically just responding to the surface, it’s not necessarily spontaneous as I stop and consider/appraise what is happening on the paper and what I think might be interesting to add. I’m also not thinking about feelings or trying to dump feelings onto a surface. The drawing begins with wandering graphite lines creating a movement or structure to the piece. I continue by adding colors in a sort of improvisational manner, sometimes thinking what color to other times just looking down at the box and seeing which color catches my eye. In both cases I think about where the color may be needed. Occasionally I’ll just start adding it someplace and see how it affects the composition and respond by what seems to be needed at that point.

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August 28, 2011   No Comments